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WUYING Workspace:Typical scenarios

Last Updated:Oct 13, 2023

WUYING Workspace can be widely applied to the finance, design, video, and education industries that have high requirements on data security and computing performance. WUYING Workspace is commonly used in scenarios such as remote office, branches, security OA, short-term use, and professional graphics design.

Remote office

End users can connect to cloud computers from Alibaba Cloud Workspace clients to work online, anytime and anywhere. This service is suitable for employees who are frequently on business trips.远程办公

Multi-branch collaboration

End users can remotely connect to cloud computers over the Internet. This helps administrators manage cloud computers in branches that are distributed across locations. Multiple Active Directory (AD) systems can be connected for IT personnel to manage AD systems of an enterprise. This helps improve collaboration efficiency.多分支机构

Secure OA

Security gateways can be used to isolate the Internet and the VPCs that are used by cloud computers. The permissions of end users can be managed in a centralized manner. Data is stored on the cloud to strengthen security.安全OA

Short-term use

You can create cloud computers for short-term use. For example, cloud computers can best suit the needs of interns and outsourced personnel for temporary work or training institutions.

Applicable scope


Short-term use for quick delivery and reclaim of cloud computers

Cloud computers are out-of-the-box and delivered within minutes. You are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Data security requirements

Data is stored on the cloud that is highly reliable.

Standard cloud computers for basic work

You can use custom images to create cloud computer templates that can be used to batch create cloud computers that have standard configurations based on your business requirements.

Requirements for desktop restoration and reset

You can use the images and snapshots of existing cloud computers to restore and recreate cloud computers.

Management of permissions on peripherals

You can use peripheral-related features in security policies to manage the permissions on peripherals on cloud computers.


WUYING Workspace provides GPU-accelerated cloud computers that have high performance to meet business requirements in scenarios such as professional graphic design, video editing, and industrial design and modeling.

Applicable scope


High performance requirements for professional software

GPU-accelerated cloud computers that have high performance are compatible with mainstream design software.

Requirements for cost-effective professional software

You can purchase or release cloud computers in a flexible manner based on your business requirements to reduce costs.

High security requirements for sensitive data, such as design drawings

Data is stored on the cloud with high reliability. You can configure features in policies to control the read/write permissions on USB flash drives and clipboards. You can also use the watermarking and anti-screenshot features to prevent data leaks.