The following table lists product specifications for the Alibaba Cloud DNS version of WAF:

Product parameter Description DNS version
HTTP Supports HTTP (80) port Supported
HTTPS Supports HTTPS (443) port Not supported
Data centers outside cloud Supports websites outside Alibaba Cloud Supported
Basic Web application protection Protects against common Web attacks such as SQL injection and command execution Supported
0day vulnerability defense Quickly protects against the latest Web vulnerabilities Supported
Service availability Protects the data center where the server is deployed Supports single data center
Custom Web protection policies Customizes Web protection policies for websites Not supported
Custom HTTP flood protection policies Provides security professionals to customize protection rules for specific service interfaces Not supported
HTTP flood protection threshold Maximum attack requests per second that can be defended 1,000
HTTP ACL policies Number of rules for access control that can be added 5 (IP/URL)
Number of protected domain names Number of domain names that can be protected 2
Daily QPS threshold Normal requests per second 100
Bandwidth threshold Maximum bandwidth per second (Mbps) 10 (origins outside Alibaba Cloud) 200 (origins inside Alibaba Cloud)
Number of back-to-source IP addresses Maximum number of IP addresses that are passed back to the origin at the same time for the same domain name 2
Custom requirement Supports various custom requirements Not supported

If the product specifications of the DNS version cannot fit your requirements, you can upgrade the service in the console.