This topic describes the subscription billing method of Web Application Firewall (WAF) instances.

Billing method

Subscription WAF instances support monthly and yearly billing cycles. When you purchase a subscription WAF instance, WAF generates a bill based on the deployment plan, specifications, and subscription period of your WAF instance. After you pay the bill, you can use all the features provided by your WAF instance within the subscription period.

The fees vary based on the WAF deployment plans and specifications. The fees on the Web Application Firewall buy page shall prevail.

For more information about WAF deployment plans and specifications, see WAF deployment plans and editions.

Instance expiration

If your WAF instance expires, your WAF instance no longer provides services.
  • You will receive emails or text messages on renewal notifications seven days before your WAF instance expires.

    If you do not renew your WAF instance before it expires, your WAF instance no longer provides services after it expires.

  • After your WAF instance expires, WAF retains your configuration for seven days.

    If you renew your WAF instance within seven days after expiration, you can continue to use the same configuration for your instance. If you do not renew your WAF instance, your configuration is released. If you want to use WAF again, you must purchase and configure a WAF instance again.


For more information about the refunds of subscription instances, see Refunds.