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VPN Gateway:Associate IPsec-VPN connections with transit routers

Last Updated:Feb 28, 2024

After you associate an IPsec connection with a transfer router, you can establish a secure and reliable network connection between a data center and the transit router. Then, the data center can communicate with other networks on Alibaba Cloud over the transit router. This topic describes the common scenarios in which IPsec-VPN connections are associated with transit routers.

Common scenarios of public IPsec-VPN connections

Connect a data center to VPCs

After you associate an IPsec-VPN connection with a transit router, the data center can communicate with all VPCs that are connected to the transit router.


Connect a data center to VPCs by using high-availability ECMP connections

You can associate multiple IPsec-VPN connections with a transit router. You can connect a data center to VPCs over multiple IPsec-VPN connections to implement load balancing.


Connect multiple office networks

If an enterprise has multiple offices in different regions, and the offices are connected to Alibaba Cloud by using IPsec-VPN connections or other methods, the offices can communicate with each other by using transit routers.


Common scenarios of private IPsec-VPN connections

Encrypt private connections over Express Connect circuits

You can use an IPsec-VPN connection to encrypt a private connection between a data center and a VPC over an Express Connect circuit. This improves network security.