This topic describes the release notes for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and provides links to the relevant references.

For more information about the VPC features that are supported in different regions, see Regions that support VPC features.

Feature Description Release date References
VPC peering connections The VPC peering connection feature is released. 2022-05-27 Overview of VPC peering connections
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) options set The DHCP options set feature is released. 2021-07-21 Overview of DHCP options sets
Traffic mirroring The traffic mirroring feature is released. 2021-06-30 Traffic mirroring overview
Network access control list (ACL) The network ACL feature is released. 2021-06-23 Overview of network ACLs
VPC sharing Multiple Alibaba Cloud accounts can be used to create cloud resources in a centrally managed and shared VPC. 2021-05-20 Overview of VPC sharing
VPC Specification checks for Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances in VPCs are supported. 2021-03-23 Advanced VPC features
High-availability virtual IP address (HAVIP) HAVIPs can be associated with elastic network interfaces (ENIs). 2021-01-31 Associate an HAVIP with an ENI
VPC New regions are supported. 2020-09-28 Create and manage a VPC
Network ACL Network ACLs can be created. 2020-08-25 Overview of network ACLs
VPC Secondary IPv4 CIDR blocks can be added to a VPC. 2019-12-17 Add a secondary CIDR block
Flow log The log analytics report feature can be enabled when a flow log is created. 2019-01-18 Work with flow logs
vSwitch vSwitches can be queried by zone in the VPC console. 2018-12-20 Work with vSwitches
Flow log The flow log feature is supported. 2018-12-04 Overview of the flow log feature
Route table Subnet routing is supported. 2018-09-13 Associate a route table with a vSwitch
Route table ENIs can be specified as the next hops of custom routes. 2018-09-07 Create a custom route table
VPC VPC is available to all Alibaba Cloud users free of charge. 2018-08-02 Create and manage a VPC
VPC The quota of VPCs is assigned based on the region instead of the Alibaba Cloud account. 2018-03-29 Manage resource quotas
ClassicLink The ClassicLink feature is supported. 2017-07-24 Overview
vSwitch API operations can be called to query the vSwitches in a specified region. 2017-06-21 VPC and vSwitch Overview