If a service has an overdue payment within your Alibaba Cloud account, the service is automatically suspended and you are no longer charged for the service. This topic describes the points for attention about overdue payments and service suspension.

Notice The system sends you a notification if you have an overdue payment. In this case, you must settle the overdue payment within the time limit to ensure your service continuity.

If the total value of your account balance, vouchers, and coupons within your Alibaba Cloud account is less than the payable amount on the bill, your bill is overdue. The billing of a service is automatically suspended if the service has an overdue payment. The service is also suspended 24 hours after the payment is overdue. The data of the service is retained for 30 days by default. After you renew the service, the cleared data cannot be restored and the service does not automatically resume. You must manually enable the service in the Alibaba Cloud Management Console.