RowInBatchWriteRowRequest indicates the information of the row to be written, updated, or deleted in the BatchWriteRow operation.

Data structure

message RowInBatchWriteRowRequest {
    required OperationType type = 1;
    required bytes row_change = 2; // encoded as InplaceRowChangeSet
    required Condition condition = 3;
    optional ReturnContent return_content = 4;
  • Type: Bytes

  • The row data, which includes the primary key columns and attribute columns. The columns are encoded in Plainbuffer format. For more information, see Plainbuffer encoding.

  • Type: Condition

  • The value of conditional update, including the row existence condition and column-based condition.

  • Type: ReturnContent

  • Required parameter: Yes

  • The data type after the row is successfully written. Currently, only the primary key can be returned, which is used for the auto-increment function of the primary key column.

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