A region is the physical location where an Alibaba Cloud data center resides. Tablestore is deployed across multiple Alibaba Cloud regions. You can select regions based on your business requirements.

The following table describes the regions that are supported by Tablestore and the corresponding region IDs.

Region Region ID
China (Hangzhou) cn-hangzhou
China East 1 Finance cn-hangzhou-finance
China (Shanghai) cn-shanghai
China East 2 Finance cn-shanghai-finance-1
China (Qingdao) cn-qingdao
China (Beijing) cn-beijing
China (Zhangjiakou) cn-zhangjiakou
China (Hohhot) cn-huhehaote
China (Shenzhen) cn-shenzhen
China (Chengdu) cn-chengdu
China (Hong Kong) cn-hongkong
Singapore (Singapore) ap-southeast-1
Australia (Sydney) ap-southeast-2
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) ap-southeast-3
Indonesia (Jakarta) ap-southeast-5
Japan (Tokyo) ap-northeast-1
Germany (Frankfurt) eu-central-1
UK (London) eu-west-1
US (Silicon Valley) us-west-1
US (Virginia) us-east-1
India (Mumbai) ap-south-1
UAE (Dubai) me-east-1
Philippines (Manila) ap-southeast-6
Thailand (Bangkok) ap-southeast-7