This topic provides a variety of case studies to help you gain insight into Tablestore.

Big data storage and analysis

Tablestore provides cost-effective, low-latency, and high-concurrency storage of and online access to large amounts of data. In addition, Tablestore provides incremental and full data tunnels as well as SQL syntax-based read and write on big data analysis platforms such as MaxCompute. An efficient incremental streaming read operation is provided for easy computing of real-time data streams.

Social feed stream storage

Tablestore can store large amounts of social information generated by interactions between people, including feed stream information such as instant messaging (IM) chats, comments, threads, and likes. Tablestore charges resources based on pay-as-you-go. Tablestore can meet the needs of applications that feature significant traffic fluctuations and high concurrency while low latency is required and costs are minimized. Tablestore stores image and video objects in OSS. You can accelerate the speed of accessing these objects by using CDN.

Financial risk management

The advantages of Tablestore such as low latency, high concurrency, and the pay-as-you-go billing method of elastic resources enable you to optimize the financial risk control system, which allows you to minimize transaction risks. Flexible data structures tailor fast iteration of business models to market needs.

IoV data storage

A single table can store petabytes of data without distributing data to separate databases and tables, which simplifies the business logic. The schema-free data model enables easy access to the monitored data of different vehicle-mounted devices. Tablestore can be seamlessly integrated with multiple platforms for big data analytics and real-time computing services for ease of real-time online queries and business report analysis.

IoT time-series data storage

A single table can store petabytes of data and process tens of millions of queries per second (QPS), which enables Tablestore to store the time-series data of IoT devices and monitoring systems. The SQL syntax-based read feature for big data analysis and the efficient incremental streaming read operation provide an easy way of offline data analysis and real-time computing.

E-commerce recommendation

Tablestore enables you to process a large number of historical transaction orders without worrying about access performance. Combined with MaxCompute, Tablestore can implement precision marketing. Tablestore stores resources as needed and provides the pay-as-you-go billing method to allow you to manage business at peak hours when a large majority of customers go online.