Smart Access Gateway (SAG) is highly intelligent, secure, and reliable, and a unified management platform is provided for you to manage SAG devices.


With highly automatic configurations and zero touch provisioning (ZTO), SAG automatically adapts the network topology changes.


Nearby access within a city through the Internet is implemented. Additionally, multiple local branches can access the Alibaba Cloud through the device-level or link-level active/standby mode.
  • Device-level disaster recovery

    Dual-device active/standby mode is implemented so that the traffic is immediately distributed to the standby device when the active device fails.

  • Link-level disaster recovery

    Each SAG device implements dual-link sealed access. The optimal link is automatically detected and assigned to be the active link. Traffic is distributed to the standby link when the active link fails.


The local branches and the Alibaba Cloud are connected through an encrypted private network and the transmission over the Internet is also encrypted.
  • Data encryption

    Both IKE and IPsec protocols are used to encrypt the transmitted data to guarantee data security.

  • Anti-replay

    The data source is authenticated to prevent replay attacks.

  • Anti-tampering

    The data is authenticated through multiple ways.

Centralized management

The Alibaba Cloud console provides a central platform for managing and configuring SAG devices.