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Simple Log Service:Overview

Last Updated:Feb 21, 2024

This topic describes the features of the COVID-19 Pandemic Analysis application.

Background information

The COVID-19 Pandemic Analysis application is designed based on the visualized data query and analysis feature of Simple Log Service. You can use the COVID-19 Pandemic Analysis application to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on various countries, regions, provinces, and states. The COVID-19 Pandemic Analysis application is available to governments, communities, third-party platforms, and developers. For more information, see Application operation and management.

What is Simple Log Service?

Simple Log Service is a one-stop service that processes log data. You can use Simple Log Service to collect, consume, ship, query, and analyze large amounts of log data without the need for development. This helps improve O&M and operational efficiency. Simple Log Service allows you to collect, consume, ship, query, and analyze data in real time. Simple Log Service is suitable for scenarios in which you want to perform real-time monitoring on the development, O&M, operations, and security processes of data warehouses.


As the log analysis mid-end, Simple Log Service supports one-stop data collection, transformation, query, analysis, AI-based computing, and visualization. Simple Log Service can also be integrated with other services.



  • Synchronizes data about the COVID-19 pandemic in countries, regions, provinces, and states across the globe on a regular basis, and visualizes the analysis results.


    Simple Log Service allows you to collect data from various data sources, as shown in the preceding figure. The COVID-19 pandemic data in Simple Log Service is based on the data repository of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Visual Dashboard operated by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE).

  • Provides multiple built-in dashboards and supports custom dashboards.

    Simple Log Service provides built-in dashboards that display the COVID-19 pandemic data of countries, regions, provinces, and states across the globe. In Simple Log Service, you can query and analyze the pandemic data, use charts to visualize query results, and organize the charts in dashboards. You can also configure drill-down events and alert rules.

  • Supports access to various data sources.

    Simple Log Service can be integrated with other Alibaba Cloud services, third-party services, open source platforms, and other systems, such as DataV, Blink, Object Storage Service (OSS), Realtime Compute for Apache Flink, Grafana, and Security Operations Center (SOC). Simple Log Service also provides scalable data analysis, storage, and visualization capabilities.