The following tables list API operations available for use in Classic Load Balancer (CLB).

CLB instances

CreateLoadBalancerCreates a CLB instance.
DeleteLoadBalancerDeletes a pay-as-you-go CLB instance.
ModifyLoadBalancerInstanceSpecModifies the specification of a CLB instance.
ModifyLoadBalancerInternetSpecModifies the metering method of an Internet-facing CLB instance.
ModifyLoadBalancerInstanceChargeTypeModifies the metering method of a pay-as-you-go CLB instance.
DescribeLoadBalancersQueries CLB instances within your Alibaba Cloud account.
DescribeLoadBalancerAttributeQueries the details of a specified CLB instance.
DescribeRegionsQueries regions.
DescribeZonesQueries zones in a specified region.
SetLoadBalancerNameModifies the name of a CLB instance.
SetLoadBalancerStatusModifies the state of a CLB instance.
SetLoadBalancerDeleteProtectionEnables or disables deletion protection for a CLB instance.
SetLoadBalancerModificationProtectionEnables or disables the configuration read-only mode for a CLB instance.

Server certificates

UploadServerCertificateUploads a server certificate.
DeleteServerCertificateDeletes a server certificate.
DescribeServerCertificatesQueries the list of server certificates in a specified region.
SetServerCertificateNameSets the name of a server certificate.
UploadCACertificateUploads a certificate authority (CA) certificate.
DeleteCACertificateDeletes a CA certificate.
DescribeCACertificatesQueries the list of CA certificates.
SetCACertificateNameSets the name of a CA certificate.


DeleteLoadBalancerListenerDeletes a listener.
StartLoadBalancerListenerEnables a listener.
StopLoadBalancerListenerDisables a listener.

Backend servers

AddBackendServersAdds backend servers.
RemoveBackendServersRemoves backend servers.
SetBackendServersSets the weights of backend servers.
DescribeHealthStatusQueries the health status of backend servers.

Primary/secondary server groups

CreateMasterSlaveServerGroupCreates a primary/secondary server group. A primary/secondary server group can contain only two Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances: one of the ECS instances functions as the primary server and the other functions as the secondary server.
DeleteMasterSlaveServerGroupDeletes a specified primary/secondary server group.
DescribeMasterSlaveServerGroupAttributeQueries detailed information about a primary/secondary server group.
DescribeMasterSlaveServerGroupsQueries the list of primary/secondary server groups.

Server groups

CreateVServerGroupCreates a server group and adds backend servers to the server group.
SetVServerGroupAttributeModifies the configurations of a server group.
AddVServerGroupBackendServersAdds backend servers to a specified server group.
RemoveVServerGroupBackendServersRemoves backend servers from a specified server group.
ModifyVServerGroupBackendServersReplaces backend servers in a specified server group.
DeleteVServerGroupDeletes a server group.
DescribeVServerGroupsQueries the list of server groups.
DescribeVServerGroupAttributeQueries detailed information about a server group.

Network access control lists (ACLs)

CreateAccessControlListCreates a network ACL.
DeleteAccessControlListDeletes a network ACL.
DescribeAccessControlListsQueries network ACLs.
DescribeAccessControlListAttributeQueries the configurations of a network ACL.
SetAccessControlListAttributeModifies the name of a network ACL.
AddAccessControlListEntryAdds IP entries to a network ACL.
RemoveAccessControlListEntryRemoves IP entries from a network ACL.

Forwarding rules

CreateRulesCreates forwarding rules for a specified HTTP or HTTPS listener.
DeleteRulesDeletes forwarding rules.
SetRuleModifies a forwarding rule that is associated with a vServer group.
DescribeRuleAttributeQueries the details of a specified forwarding rule.
DescribeRulesQueries the forwarding rules that are configured for a specified listener.


TagResourcesCreates tags and adds the tags to specified resources.
UntagResourcesRemoves tags from specified resources.
ListTagResourcesQueries tags that are added to instances.

TCP listeners

CreateLoadBalancerTCPListenerCreates a TCP listener.
SetLoadBalancerTCPListenerAttributeModifies the configurations of a TCP listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerTCPListenerAttributeQueries the configurations of a TCP listener.

HTTP listeners

CreateLoadBalancerHTTPListenerCreates an HTTP listener.
SetLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttributeModifies the configurations of an HTTP listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerHTTPListenerAttributeQueries the configurations of an HTTP listener.

HTTPS listeners

CreateLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerCreates an HTTPS listener.
SetLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerAttributeModifies the configurations of an HTTPS listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerHTTPSListenerAttributeQueries the configurations of an HTTPS listener.

UDP listeners

CreateLoadBalancerUDPListenerCreates a UDP listener.
SetLoadBalancerUDPListenerAttributeModifies the configurations of a UDP listener.
DescribeLoadBalancerUDPListenerAttributeQueries the configurations of a UDP listener.

Access control (earlier version)

SetListenerAccessControlStatusEnables or disables the whitelist of a specified listener.
RemoveListenerWhiteListItemRemoves IP addresses from the whitelist of a listener.
DescribeListenerAccessControlAttributeQueries the IP addresses in a whitelist.
AddListenerWhiteListItemAdds IP addresses to the whitelist of a listener.

Additional certificates (beta)

CreateDomainExtensionCreates an additional certificate.
SetDomainExtensionAttributeReplaces an additional certificate.
DescribeDomainExtensionsQueries additional certificates.
DeleteDomainExtensionDeletes an additional certificate.

Resource queries

DescribeAvailableResourceQueries the resources that are available for purchase in a region.

Access logs

SetAccessLogsDownloadAttributeAdds an access log forwarding rule for a Classic Load Balancer (CLB) instance.
DescribeAccessLogsDownloadAttributeQueries the access logs of a specified CLB instance.
DeleteAccessLogsDownloadAttributeDeletes the access logs of a specified CLB instance.

High precision monitoring

EnableHighDefinationMonitorEnables the high precision monitoring in the current region.
ModifyHighDefinationMonitor Modifies the configurations of high precision monitoring in a specified region.
DescribeHighDefinationMonitorQueries the configurations of high precision monitoring in a specified region.