You can use the Windows GUI version of a Server Migration Center (SMC) client to migrate Windows servers to Alibaba Cloud. The settings for the SMC client on the GUI are the same as those on the CLI. The Windows GUI version is compatible with the CLI version.

Daemon mode

In daemon mode, you can import migration source information by using the SMC client. Then, you can log on to the SMC console to complete the migration. You only need to configure Access Id and Secret Key. For more information, see Migration process.

The following figure shows the Windows GUI in daemon mode. Windows GUI

Menu items on the GUI

The following figure shows the menu items of the Windows GUI client. SMC GUI
The following table describes the menu items.
No. Section Description
1 Top navigation bar Consists of the Config, Logs, View, Help, and Language menus.
  • Config:
    • Click Rsync to set the bandwidth limit for data transmission. Unit: KB/s.
    • Click Save User Config to save the current settings for batch operations.
    • Click Clear Client Data to initialize the client configuration file.
  • Logs:
    • Click Open Log File to open the migration log file.
    • Click Open Logs Dir to find the path of the migration log file.
  • View: Select Hide Progress Log to hide the Progress Logs column.
  • Help: Obtain online documentation or the version information of the SMC client.
  • Language: Select the display language of the GUI.
2 Custom configuration section Allows you to configure Access Id and Secret Key.
  • Access Id: Enter the AccessKey ID.
  • Secret Key: Enter the AccessKey secret.
  • Create an AccessKey pair in advance. For more information, see Obtain an AccessKey pair.
  • The settings you configure are written to the user_config.json file of the SMC client.
3 Task progress and logs section Allows you to view the task progress or troubleshoot issues as prompted after you run the SMC client.