Security Center provides a 7-day free trial of the Ultimate edition for users of the Basic edition. This topic describes how to apply for a 7-day free trial of Security Center Ultimate.

Available value-added features during the free trial period

The following table describes the value-added features and the related specifications that you can use during the free trial period.

Feature Specification
Vulnerability fixing The number of vulnerabilities that you can fix is 20.
Log analysis The log storage capacity that you can use is 10 GB.
Container image scan The number of images that you can use Security Center to scan is 100.
Web tamper proofing The number of servers for which you can enable web tamper proofing is 20.
  • You cannot use the anti-ransomware feature during the free trial period. If you need to use this feature, you must pay to enable this feature. For more information, see Enable anti-ransomware.
  • The value-added features such as web tamper proofing and container image scan that you enable during the free trial period become unavailable after the free trial. To continue to use the value-added features, you must purchase the features. For more information, see Purchase Security Center.


Your Alibaba Cloud account must meet the following requirements before you can apply for a free trial:
  • Security Center Basic is used for your account.

    Security Center Basic is used for your account if none of the following paid editions of Security Center is purchased: Anti-virus, Advanced, Enterprise, and Ultimate. By default, Security Center Basic is activated for all Alibaba Cloud accounts.

    Note If you purchased a paid edition of Security Center but did not renew the subscription after it expired, Security Center is automatically downgraded to the Basic edition. In this case, you cannot apply for a 7-day free trial of Security Center Ultimate.
  • You have not applied for a 7-day free trial of Security Center Ultimate before.
  • At least one Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance is purchased.


  1. Go to the Security Center product page.
  2. Click Free Trial and log on to the Security Center console by using your Alibaba Cloud account.
    You can also skip Step 1 and log on to the Security Center console.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, click Free Trial Ultimate Edition (Container Security).

    After the operation is complete, you can start a 7-day free trial of Security Center Ultimate. You can view the information about Ultimate Edition (Container Security) (Trial) in the upper-right corner of the Overview tab.

    During the free trial period, you can use all features of the Ultimate edition. The features include antivirus, vulnerability fixing, baseline check, and container image scan. You can also use the basic and value-added features that are provided by Security Center.

What do I do after the 7-day free trial?

After the 7-day free trial, Security Center is automatically restored to the Basic edition. The Basic edition detects vulnerabilities, logons from unapproved locations, and brute-force attacks free of charge. However, this edition does not support automatic vulnerability fixing or attack handling.

If you require protection capabilities that the Basic edition cannot provide or want to meet the testing and evaluation requirements for classified protection, you must purchase Security Center Anti-virus or higher. The protection capabilities include antivirus, advanced threat detection and automatic handling, web tamper proofing, and anti-leak of AccessKey pair and account information.

You can continue to use the Basic edition or upgrade Security Center to the Anti-virus, Advanced, Enterprise, or Ultimate edition based on your business requirements. For more information about the features that are supported by each edition, see Features. For more information about the pricing of each edition, see Billable items.


Getting started

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Purchase Security Center


I used the free trial of Security Center before. Can I apply for the free trial again?