This topic describes how to use Alibaba Cloud CLI version 3.0.25 or later to call the 20190910 version of the ROS API.

View the version of Alibaba Cloud CLI

aliyun version

New version of the ROS API

New version of the ROS API is RPC-based. Parameters are passed with HTTP GET requests.

After Alibaba Cloud CLI is installed, enter aliyun ros to use the tool.
  • Run the aliyun ros command to view the help information of Alibaba Cloud ROS.
    aliyun ros --help
  • View the API help information
    # aliyun ros <ApiName> --help
    aliyun ros ListStacks --help
  • API calling format
    aliyun ros <ApiName> --parameter1 value1 --parameter2 value2 ...
Note For more information about the new version of the ROS API, see List of operations by function.