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This topic describes how to monitor the status of an apsaradb for Redis instance in real time through the Linux CLI.



In the Linux CLI, you can use the redis-cli command -stat option to view real-time instance health. Make sure that:
  • The current Linux and the apsaradb for Redis instance can interconnect with each other.
  • You have installed redis-cli on the system.


Run the following command on the Linux to check the status of the apsaradb for Redis instance:

redis-cli -h [$Host] -a [$Password] --stat


  • [$Host] indicates the Host name of an apsaradb for Redis instance.
  • [$Password] indicates the Password of an apsaradb for Redis instance.

The command output is as follows. After the command is executed, the CLI outputs the instance status once per second. The instance status contains information such as the total number of keys, memory used, and number of requests. Such information is compared with the previous item.

Application scope

  • ApsaraDB for Redis