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ApsaraDB RDS:Test tool

Last Updated:Aug 24, 2023

This topic introduces the HammerDB test tool that is used to test the performance of an ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server instance. This topic also describes how to install HammerDB.

HammerDB introduction

HammerDB is the leading benchmarking and load testing tool for databases. This open source tool supports Linux and Windows operating systems and can be used to test various database systems. HammerDB features automated testing, multithread support, dynamic scripts, and extensions. HammerDB supports various types of databases, including common databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, TimesTen, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Postgres Plus Advanced Server, Redis, and Apache Trafodion.

HammerDB has a built-in baseline load that is compliant with the TPC-C benchmark.

Install HammerDB

In this example, install HammerDB 2.19. To download HammerDB 2.19, visit the Download page.

Then, complete the installation wizard to install HammerDB.

After HammerDB is installed, the following window appears.