This topic describes the possible states of a PolarDB cluster.

CreatingThe cluster is being created.
RunningThe cluster is running.
DeletingThe cluster is being released.
DeletedThe cluster has been deleted.
RebootingThe cluster is being restarted.
StartingThe cluster is being started.
StoppedThe cluster is being stopped.
INS_MAINTAININGThe cluster is under maintenance.
SwitchingThe service is failing over from the primary node to a read-only node.
DBNodeCreatingA node is being added.
DBNodeDeletingA node is being deleted.
ClassChangingThe node specifications are being changed.
NetAddressCreatingThe endpoint is being created.
NetAddressDeletingThe endpoint is being deleted.
NetAddressModifyingThe endpoint is being modified.
MinorVersionUpgradingThe kernel version of the cluster is upgrading.
STORAGE_EXPANDINThe disk capacity is expanding.
UPGRADE_FORBIDDENThe upgrade is temporarily prohibited.
TRANSINGThe cluster is being migrated across zones.
SSL_MODIFYINGThe SSL certificate is being enabled or disabled.
TDEModifyingThe TDE feature is being enabled.
CONFIG_SWITCHINGThe configurations of the custom cluster endpoint is being modified.
ROLE_SWITCHINGThe role of the custom cluster endpoint is being switched.
ClassChangedThe upgrade or downgrade of the cluster has completed and resources are being recycled.
MajorVersionUpgradingThe major version of the cluster is being upgraded.