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:What is Machine Learning Platform for AI?

Last Updated:Apr 24, 2020

Product overview

Machine learning refers to the practice of instructing machines to discover regular patterns from accumulated data to help users make predictions and decisions.

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform for AI provides an all-in-one machine learning service featuring low user technical skills requirements, but with high performance results. On the Machine Learning Platform for AI, you can quickly establish and deploy machine learning experiments to achieve seamless integration between algorithms and your business. Machine Learning Platform for AI is built on the full-fledged algorithm application system of Alibaba Group, and is now serving tens of thousands of developers and enterprise users. You can quickly build services such as product recommendation, financial risk control, image identification, and voice recognition based on Machine Learning Platform for AI to implement artificial intelligence.

Successful case - Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is a leading social media platform in China. Sina Weibo has 165 million daily active users (DAUs) and 376 million monthly active users (MAUs). Mobile MAUs occupy as high as 92% of all MAUs. Involved data operation scenarios include, but are not limited to:


Users generate a huge amount of data on the platform every day. After data processing, tens of billions of features and hundreds of billions of sample entries may be generated. How to compute and analyze such a huge amount of data poses a great challenge for the bottom-layer computing engine.

Solution and architecture

As a part of Weibo Machine Learning Platform for AI, its Kunpeng distributed computing engine provides a sound solution for an ultra-large scale computing scenario.


Machine Learning Platform for AI will be upgraded automatically and there will be no impact to current users.