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Object Storage Service:Why am I unable to access the default homepage of a bucket when I retrieve an object from a private bucket by using Alibaba Cloud CDN?

Last Updated:Sep 07, 2023

Cause: After you grant Alibaba Cloud CDN permissions to access a private bucket, signature information is included by default for non-anonymous access when you retrieve an object from OSS by using CDN. However, to access the default homepage configured by using static website hosting, the request must be anonymous.

Solution: Configure a URL rewrite rule in the Alibaba Cloud CDN console. Set Path to Be Rewritten to ^/$, Target Path to /index.html, and Flag to Redirect.

After the configuration is complete, when a client requests, an Alibaba Cloud CDN point of presence (POP) returns the HTTP 302 status code to the client to re-request

For more information about how to configure URL rewrite rules, see Create an access URL rewrite rule.