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:How do I query the access and operation records of objects?

Last Updated:Aug 02, 2023

A large number of logs are generated when Object Storage Service (OSS) resources are accessed. You can query the access and operation records of objects by using the logging or real-time log query feature.

Method 1: Use the logging feature

The logging feature allows you to generate access logs on an hourly basis based on a fixed naming rule and write the logs to a specific bucket. A log contains information about the requester and the accessed resources, such as the request type and the IP address of the requester. For more information, see Logging.

Method 2: Use the real-time log query feature

The real-time log query feature integrates OSS with Log Service and allows you to query and collect statistics for OSS access logs. You can use this feature to audit access to OSS, track exception events, and troubleshoot issues. This improves work efficiency and helps you make informed decisions. For more information, see Real-time log query.