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List of supported cloud products

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2019

If you need to perform API actions on other cloud products, join the DingTalk group 23330931. We will offer help as soon as possible.
The following table lists the cloud products that support API actions. The cloud products are sorted in alphabetical order.

Product Full name API version Release time
ActionTrail ActionTrail v20171204 June 2019
Alibaba Cloud DNS Alibaba Cloud DNS v20150109 July 2019
BOA BSS OpenAPI v20171214 July 2019
CAS Alibaba Cloud Certificates Service v20180813 July 2019
CDN Content Delivery Network v20180510 July 2019
CMS CloudMonitor v20190101 July 2019
DCDN Dynamic Route for Content Delivery Network v20180115 July 2019
DM DirectMail v20170622 July 2019
Dysmsapi Short Message Service v20170525 July 2019
ECS Elastic Compute Service v20140526 June 2019
ECI Elastic Container Instance v20180808 July 2019
EMR Elastic MapReduce v20160408 August 2019
ESS Elastic Scaling Service v20140828 June 2019
FC Function Compute v20160815 July 2019
gpdb HybridDB for PostgreSQL v20160503 July 2019
Market Alibaba Cloud Marketplace v20151101 July 2019
NAS Network Attached Storage v20170626 July 2019
nls-cloud-meta Intelligent Speech Interaction v20190228 July 2019
Ons RocketMQ v20190214 July 2019
OSS Object Storage Service July 2019
PetaData HybridDB for MySQL v20160101 July 2019
POLARDB ApsaraDB for POLARDB v20170801 July 2019
Push Alibaba Cloud Mobile Push v20160801 July 2019
RAM Resource Access Management v20150501 June 2019
RDS Relational Database Service v20140815 June 2019
SAS Threat Detection Service v20181203 July 2019
SCDN Secure Content Delivery Network v20171115 July 2019
SLB Server Load Balancer v20140515 June 2019
STS Security Token Service v20150401 July 2019
VOD ApsaraVideo for VOD v20170321 July 2019
VPC Virtual Private Network v20160428 June 2019
WAF Web Application Firewall v20180117 July 2019
R-KVSTORE Cloud Database Redis v20150101 October 2019
CR Container Services Enterprise v20181201 October 2019
OOS Operation Orchestration Service v20190601 October 2019
DDS Cloud Database MongoDB v20151201 October 2019
DDOSPRO DDoS High Level Protection IP v20170725 October 2019
ARMS Application Real-Time Monitoring Service v20190808 October 2019
HDR Hybrid Disaster Recovery v20170925 October 2019
DDOSCOO New BGP High Level Protection IP v20171228 October 2019
RDC-INNER Cloud Efficiency(Inner) v20180821 October 2019
ROS Resource Orchestration v20190910 October 2019
DDOSBGP DDoS Protection Suite v20180720 October 2019