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Last Updated:Jun 11, 2020

You can use a variety of API operations to perform O&M tasks in Operation Orchestration Service (OOS), which makes this service an optimal choice for you. If you are familiar with network protocols and one or more programming languages, we recommend that you use API operations to manage your cloud resources and develop applications. For more information, see API overview.


OOS limits the resources consumed by each user. For example, you can create a limited number of templates and executions. For more information, see Limits. If the description of API operations or parameter values conflicts with the description of Limits, you must follow the rules about limits.


You can use the HTTP/HTTPS GET and POST methods. You can call OOS API operations by using the following methods:

SDKs provide easy authentication, which allows you to quickly call API operations. We recommend that you use programming language-specific OOS SDKs to manage your resources.

To use URL requests, you must complete the authentication process and prepare the URL for every request. This allows you to get familiar with the authentication process for accessing Alibaba Cloud. For more information, see Sign API requests and Create AccessKey pairs.


Term Description
region An Alibaba Cloud data center. After you specify the region for an Alibaba Cloud service, you cannot change it.