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:API overview

Last Updated:Sep 02, 2019

The following tables list API operations available for use in Operation Orchestration Service (OOS). For more information about specific API operations, see the corresponding documentations.


Operation Description
CreateTemplate Creates a template.
ListTemplates Queries templates by using multiple filtering methods.
GetTemplate Queries the information of a template.
UpdateTemplate Updates an existing template.
DeleteTemplate Deletes a template.
ValidateTemplateContent Checks whether a template is valid.


Operation Description
StartExecution Starts an execution.
ListExecutions Queries executions by using multiple filtering methods.
ListTaskExecutions Queries task executions by using multiple filtering methods.
CancelExecution Stops the execution of a template. The tasks in the template will no longer be executed.
NotifyExecution Manages an execution that is in the Waiting state.
DeleteExecutions Deletes one or more executions that have stopped.
GetExecutionTemplate Queries the template based on an execution.
ListExecutionLogs Queries the log entries of an execution.
GenerateExecutionPolicy Generates a permission policy that is required for an execution.


Operation Description
ListActions Queries available actions.