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OpenSearch:Comparison between General-purpose Edition and Industry Algorithm Edition for games

Last Updated:Feb 02, 2023

Industry Algorithm Edition for games

To resolve the tough issues and satisfy the requirements in game search scenarios of the game industry, OpenSearch provides Industry Algorithm Edition for games that adopts the latest algorithms. This edition provides game-specific capabilities, such as Intelligent Semantic Understanding, vector-based retrieval, and sort algorithms. These capabilities ensure the search performance and accuracy for the game industry. This edition provides a multimodal search solution that resolves the tough issues such as the long search latency and high zero-result rate. The long search latency is caused by a large amount of dictionary data. The high zero-result rate is caused by high resource consumption. To improve search accuracy for the game industry, OpenSearch also provides the vector model to implement vector-based retrieval and multimodal search.

Feature comparison


General-purpose Edition

Industry Algorithm Edition for games

One-stop configuration

After an application is created, you must create and configure query analysis rules, sort policies, and drop-down suggestion models.

This edition provides the capabilities and features that are required for common search scenarios in the game industry. It also provides templates for you to configure application schemas and index schemas with a few clicks. This way, new users can learn how to use this service with ease.

Query analysis

This edition provides query analysis capabilities for general industries. The capabilities include synonym configuration, stop word filtering, spelling correction, term weight analysis, and category prediction.

This edition provides enhanced analyzers and the enhanced query analysis feature for common scenarios in the game industry. This edition is developed to satisfy the requirements in game search scenarios and resolve the tough issues in the game industry. This edition can create indexes that are more precise and better identify user needs. Therefore, this edition has better performance than General-purpose Edition.

Sort policy

After an application is created, you must configure the sort policy and perform debugging based on the business scenarios.

In addition to templates for application schemas and index schemas, this edition also provides common rough sort expressions and fine sort expressions. The templates and expressions can satisfy the sort requirements in most search scenarios of the game industry.

Feature iteration

This edition regularly updates built-in dictionaries, such as the dictionaries for the analyzer and query analysis features.

This edition is constantly updated in line with the changes in words and services in the game industry. It keeps optimizing the existing features of analysis and query analysis to adapt to industrial changes.

Comparison of query analysis performance

Compared with General-purpose Edition, Industry-specific Enhanced Edition provides better query analysis performance. For example, Industry-specific Enhanced Edition corrects the invalid entries in General-purpose Edition. Industry-specific Enhanced Edition enriches the existing dictionaries by incorporating a variety of word usages in the game industry. The following tables compare the performance of the two editions in different query analysis capabilities.

  • Space-based analysis


General-purpose Edition

Industry-specific Enhanced Edition


原 神圣 遗物

原神 圣遗物


援 护 攻击 表

援护 攻击 表


骑 乘 实体

骑乘 实体


效果 由信 标 施加

效果 由 信标 施加

Vector-based retrieval for the game industry

This feature provides a high-quality vector-based retrieval model for the distribution of vertical industry data in the game industry to ensure the retrieval effect of long-tail search queries that include misspelled search queries and synonym-based rewrite queries.

  • Vector-based retrieval



Vector-based retrieval top 1

指挥官: 碧蓝航线

Vector-based retrieval top 2

军需商店兑换新增格伦维尔 碧蓝航线

Vector-based retrieval top 3

碧蓝航线 幸运与航速



Vector-based retrieval top 1

地图 原神

Vector-based retrieval top 2

地图教程 原神

Vector-based retrieval top 3




Vector-based retrieval top 1

烟雨江湖 萌新快来看

Vector-based retrieval top 2

烟雨江湖 究极魔物白嫖怪

Vector-based retrieval top 3

烟雨江湖 太乙隐藏镇派剑法

Usage notes

  • For more information about how to create and configure an application of Industry Algorithm Edition for games, see Industry Algorithm Edition for games.

  • Exclusive applications can be converted from General-purpose Edition to Industry-specific Enhanced Edition, but not from Industry-specific Enhanced Edition to General-purpose Edition.

  • Industry Algorithm Edition for games is applicable only to exclusive applications.

  • If you convert a shared application instance to an exclusive application instance, make sure that both the online application and the application instance are exclusive before you adapt the application instance to Industry Algorithm Edition for games.

  • Make sure that each field tag is associated with a specific field in the application schema. Otherwise, an error message is returned.