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OpenSearch:Application publishing

Last Updated:Sep 09, 2021

After you create an application in the OpenSearch console and when you maintain the application, the application behavior may not be as expected due to some unavoidable factors such as data error during subsequent operations. Therefore, corresponding measures are required.

Advanced applications

  • Rebuild indexes during off-peak hours: If you rebuild an index for an advanced application, the index is rebuilt based on the original version of the application. During the reindexing process, new and original data coexist. After the index is rebuilt, the data is updated. To avoid significant impact on the online search service, we recommend that you rebuild indexes during off-peak hours.

Standard applications

  • After the configurations of an application are modified, you need to specify whether to synchronize incremental data to the offline version that is created and whether to automatically publish the offline version. In most cases, you can select Yes. The original online application will be unpublished. However, if the data in the offline and online applications is incompatible because of added fields or changes in the method of generating field values, we recommend that you select No and manually publish the offline application on the application details page. In this case, you must test and verify the new version of the application to ensure that the application meets your business expectations. Then, you can manually publish the application online. The following figure shows the available options.