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Last Updated:Mar 16, 2022

  • The billing rules of exclusive computing applications changed from December 22, 2020. For more information about the billing rules, go to the buy page of applications or see the topic on pricing. If you have purchased exclusive computing applications before November 1, 2020, you are not affected by the adjustment of billing rules until March 31, 2021. For more information, see Announcement about adjusting the billing rules of exclusive computing applications.

  • From April 1, 2020, the number of search requests that can be initiated by using a basic application per day cannot exceed 1,000. If your business requires more than 1,000 search requests a day, upgrade the basic application to other specifications. Otherwise, your business may be affected. For more information, see Service adjustment of basic applications.

  • Before May 7, 2018, OpenSearch charged you based on application instances. The billing items of application instances included instance leasing, document updates, search requests, and reindexing. For more information, see Earlier billing model (before May 7, 2018). After May 7, 2018, OpenSearch charges you based on seven specifications of application instances. You can select the specifications based on your business requirements. The billing items of application instances include instance leasing, storage capacity, and computing resources. The fee is calculated by using the following formula: Total fee = Fee on instance leasing + Fee on storage capacity + Fee on computing resources. For more information, see Overview.