OpenAPI Explorer is a web-based, visual API calling tool. You can call Alibaba Cloud product APIs, view the request structure and response in the OpenAPI Explorer. Additionally, OpenAPI Explorer will automatically generate SDK examples according to the API request, helping you build your applications using Alibaba Cloud SDK.

The URL of the OpenAPI Explorer is
Note OpenAPI Explorer is a free API calling tool. You may be billed if you use an API to create a cloud resource, such as an ECS instance. Refer to the documentation of each cloud product for details.

OpenAPI Explorer provides the following functions:

  • Search an API

    Almost all the product APIs are included in OpenAPI Explorer. You can quickly search the API to use in OpenAPI Explorer.

  • Call an API

    You can call an API on a web-page by entering required values with zero coding.

  • View request URL

    OpenAPI Explorer automatically generates the request URL according to request parameters.

  • View the response

    The response of the request is automatically displayed in the JSON format.

  • Generate SDK examples

    OpenAPI Explorer automatically generates the SDK examples according to the API request.

  • Support CLI calling

    You can manage your cloud resources in the OpenAPI Explorer by using Cloud Shell, a web-based CLI tool.


OpenAPI Explorer is dedicated to helping you easily find and use Alibaba Cloud product APIs to develop your own application based on Alibaba Cloud. You can use the OpenAPI Explorer to find which APIs are provided by Alibaba Cloud, view API definitions. OpenAPI Explorer is applicable to scenarios such as API debugging and troubleshooting.

  • Call Alibaba Cloud APIs

    Before starting developing applications based on the Alibaba Cloud API, you may need to verify the API request and the response. OpenAPI Explorer provides web-page-based online debugging and CLI debugging methods, allowing you to visually view the results of API calls. Moreover, if an API call fails, you can troubleshoot the request according to the error message displayed in OpenAPI Explorer.

  • View SDK examples

    When using Alibaba Cloud SDK to develop an application, you often need some code examples to assist you with the development. According to the API request, OpenAPI Explorer automatically generates SDK examples of Java, PHP, Python and Node.JS program languages to guide you through the development process.