You can use progress bars to indicate the upload or download progress.

For the complete code of upload progress bar, see GitHub.

The following code is used as an example to describe how to view progress information with PutObject:

#include "oss_api.h"
#include "aos_http_io.h"
const char *endpoint = "<yourEndpoint>";
const char *access_key_id = "<yourAccessKeyId>";
const char *access_key_secret = "<yourAccessKeySecret>";
const char *bucket_name = "<yourBucketName>";
const char *object_name = "<yourObjectName>";
const char *local_filename = "<yourLocalFilename>";
void init_options(oss_request_options_t *options)
    options->config = oss_config_create(options->pool);
    /* Use a char* string to initialize aos_string_t. */
    aos_str_set(&options->config->endpoint, endpoint);
    aos_str_set(&options->config->access_key_id, access_key_id);
    aos_str_set(&options->config->access_key_secret, access_key_secret);
    /* Determine whether the CNAME is used. 0 indicates that the CNAME is not used. */
    options->config->is_cname = 0;
    /* Used to configure network parameters, such as timeout. */
    options->ctl = aos_http_controller_create(options->pool, 0);
void percentage(int64_t consumed_bytes, int64_t total_bytes) 
    assert(total_bytes >= consumed_bytes);
    printf("%%%" APR_INT64_T_FMT "\n", consumed_bytes * 100 / total_bytes);
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    /* Call the aos_http_io_initialize method in main() to initialize global resources, such as networks and memories. */
    if (aos_http_io_initialize(NULL, 0) != AOSE_OK) {
    /* Memory pool used to manage memories, which is equivalent to apr_pool_t. The implementation code is included in the apr library. */
    aos_pool_t *pool;
    /* Re-create a new memory pool. The second parameter is NULL, indicating that it does not inherit from any other memory pools. */
    aos_pool_create(&pool, NULL);
    /* Create and initialize options. This parameter mainly includes global configuration information, such as endpoint, access_key_id, acces_key_secret, is_cname, and curl. */
    oss_request_options_t *oss_client_options;
    /* Allocate memories in the memory pool to options. */
    oss_client_options = oss_request_options_create(pool);
    /* Use oss_client_options to initialize client options. */
    /* Initialization parameters. */
    aos_string_t bucket;
    aos_string_t object;
    aos_string_t file;   
    aos_list_t resp_body;
    aos_table_t *resp_headers = NULL;
    aos_status_t *resp_status = NULL; 
    aos_str_set(&bucket, bucket_name);
    aos_str_set(&object, object_name);
    aos_str_set(&file, local_filename);
    /* Upload with a progress bar displayed. */
    resp_status = oss_do_put_object_from_file(oss_client_options, &bucket, &object, &file, NULL, NULL, percentage, &resp_headers, &resp_body);
    if (aos_status_is_ok(resp_status)) {
        printf("put object from file succeeded\n");
    } else {
        printf("put object from file failed\n");
    /* Release the memory pool, that is, memories allocated to resources during the request. */
    /* Release allocated global resources. */
    return 0;

oss_put_object_from_file and oss_put_object_from_buffer do not support progress bars.