This topic describes the object upload methods that are supported by Object Storage Service (OSS) SDK for Browser.js. You can choose a method based on your requirements.

OSS SDK for Browser.js supports the following object upload methods.

  • You can use simple upload to upload file objects, Blob data, and OSS buffers to OSS. For more information, see Simple upload.
  • To upload objects larger than 100 MB and smaller than 48.8 TB, you can use multipart upload. Multipart upload is an object upload method that splits a large object into multiple parts to upload. After the parts are uploaded, CompleteMultipartUpload is called to combine the parts together into a complete object. This way, you can upload an object in a resumable manner. For more information, see Multipart upload.
  • To resume the upload of an object that fails to be uploaded to OSS due to a network exception or program error, you can use resumable upload. For more information, see Resumable upload.
  • To configure upload callback for your application server, you can use upload callback. For more information, see Upload callback.