Message Queue for RabbitMQ is compatible with open source RabbitMQ. You can use a Java Message Service (JMS) client to send and receive messages from Message Queue for RabbitMQ over Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). AMQP supports SDKs for multiple programming languages, whereas JMS supports only SDK for Java.

  • RabbitMQ Client
    Supported SDKs
    Open source RabbitMQ SDK (Alibaba Cloud account or RAM user)
    Open source RabbitMQ SDK (RAM role for cross-account authorization)
    Error codes returned for calling AMQP methods
  • JMS Client
    Differences between AMQP and JMS
    Compatibility with JMS interfaces
    JMS P2P (Alibaba Cloud account or RAM user)
    JMS P2P (RAM role for cross-account authorization)
    JMS Pub/Sub (Alibaba Cloud account or RAM user)
    JMS Pub/Sub (RAM role for cross-account authorization)
  • FAQ