This topic describes how to create a vhost in the Message Queue for RabbitMQ console. A vhost is used to logically isolate resources. vhosts manage their own exchanges, queues, and bindings.


  1. Log on to the Message Queue for RabbitMQ console.
  2. In the Resource Distribution section of the Overview page, select the region where your instance is located.
  3. On the Instances page, click the name of your instance.
  4. In the left-side navigation pane, click vhosts.
  5. On the vhosts page, click Create vhost.
  6. In the Create vhost panel, enter a vhost name in the vhost Name field and click OK.
    The vhost name must comply with the following naming conventions:
    • The name can contain only letters, digits, hyphens (-), underscores (_), periods (.), number signs (#), forward slashes (/), and at signs (@).
    • The name must be 1 to 255 characters in length. Excess characters are automatically discarded.
    • After a vhost is created, you cannot modify its name.


On the vhosts page, the created vhost appears.