If you use the OpenAPI in Message Queue for MQTT V2.x.x to create resources such as topics and group IDs, the OpenAPI of V2.x.x will malfunction after the service is upgraded to V3.x.x. Therefore, you must migrate to the new OpenAPI invocation link to initialize resources. The service provider ensures that your Message Queue for MQTT version is not upgraded until you have upgraded your OpenAPI invocation code.


Complete these steps to upgrade your OpenAPI invocation code.

  1. Evaluate the scenarios and invocation link of the OpenAPI.
  2. Submit a ticket to seek migration advice. The service provider will offer a migration solution based on your situations.
  3. In most cases, you must modify your code in advance as instructed in the migration solution before you can call the new version of OpenAPI.
  4. After you complete the OpenAPI transformation, contact the service provider to schedule the upgrade.
  5. The service provider completes the upgrade from V2.x.x to V3.x.x.
  6. You need to confirm whether you want to delete the earlier version of OpenAPI calls and existing resources based on your business needs.
Note To ensure compatibility, confirm that the names of the resources created by calling V2.x.x and V3.x.x OpenAPIs during the double-write phase are consistent, to prevent affecting the message publish-subscribe processes in the production environment.