Obtains job information based on a specified instance ID. The information includes SQL, Owner, StartTime, EndTime, and Status.


desc instance <instance_id>;


instance_id: the ID of an instance. Each instance ID is unique.


-- Query job information about the instance whose ID is 20150715xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. 
desc instance 20150715xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
The following result is returned:
ID                                      20150715xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Owner                                   ALIYUN$XXXXXX@alibaba-inc.com
StartTime                               2015-07-15 18:34:41
EndTime                                 2015-07-15 18:34:42
Status                                  Terminated
console_select_query_task_1436956481295 Success
Query                                   select * from mj_test;

Related statements

  • SHOW commands: Views the information about an instance. The information includes StartTime (accurate to the second), RunTime (in seconds), Status, InstanceID, Owner, and Query (query statement).
  • STATUS: Views the status of a specified instance.
  • TOP INSTANCE: Views the information about instances that are running in a project.
  • KILL: Stops a specific instance.
  • WAIT: Obtains the operational log of jobs based on a specified instance ID. The log includes the URL of Logview.