This tutorial describes an end-to-end solution for you to use big data services of Alibaba Cloud to build an online operational analytics platform based on the basic requirements for such a platform in the big data era. This solution allows you to write data to a storage system at high concurrency, process data efficiently, and analyze and display data.

Business scenarios

This tutorial uses HTTP access logs from a real website as the source data. You can analyze the access logs to obtain the following statistics:
  • Page views (PVs) and unique visitors (UVs) of the website in terminal types, such as Android, iPad, iPhone, and PC.
    Note PV and UV are two basic metrics for measuring the traffic of a website. A PV is recorded each time a user visits a web page. If a user visits the same web page multiple times, each view is added as a PV. An UV refers to a unique visitor to a website in one day. If a user visits the website multiple times in one day, the user is counted as only one UV.
  • Source regions of website traffic.

Development process

The development process in this tutorial consists of the following steps: