After a customer purchases and pays for a software as a service (SaaS) product, Alibaba Cloud Marketplace calls this operation to instruct the independent software vendor (ISV) to create an SaaS instance.

  • You must return a unique instance ID for each SaaS instance that is created. Alibaba Cloud Marketplace must provide the instance ID when calling other SPI operations, for example, the operations for renewing the subscription and notifying the ISV of instance expiration.
  • We recommend that you use the value of the orderBizId parameter provided by Alibaba Cloud Marketplace as the instance ID.
  • Do not block this operation. If it takes a long period of time to create an instance, you can use a queue to buffer the requests, set the instance ID to 0, and then return the instance ID immediately. If the instance fails to be created, set the instance ID to 0. In this case, Alibaba Cloud Marketplace calls this operation again until a non-zero instance ID is returned.
  • This operation may be called multiple times. If it is called repeatedly, make sure that the same instance ID is returned for a single instance.

Request parameters

Parameter Required Type Description
token Yes String The token for security verification.
action Yes String The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to createInstance.
aliUid Yes String The unique ID of the Alibaba Cloud account that purchases the SaaS product.
orderBizId Yes String The business ID in Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.
orderId Yes String The ID of the order in Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.
productCode Yes String The code of the SaaS product.
skuId Yes String The SKU ID of the SaaS product.
trial Yes Boolean Specifies whether the SaaS product is purchased in trial use mode.
expiredOn No DateTime The time when the SaaS product expires, in the yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format.
template No String The ID of the template. This parameter is applicable to template-type products for building sites.

Response parameters

Parameter Required Type Field Description
instanceId Yes String N/A The unique ID of the SaaS instance provided by the ISV.
hostInfo No JSON name The hostname of the server.
ip The IP address of the server.
innerIp The private IP address of the server.
username The account for logging on to the server.
password The password for logging on to the server.
cname The canonical domain name (CNAME) of the server.
tempDomain The temporary domain name of the server.
ftpUsername The username for logging on to the FTP server.
ftpPassword The password for logging on to the FTP server.
region The information about the IDC where the server resides.
beianInfo The information about the ICP filing.
databaseInfo The information about the database.
appInfo No JSON frontEndUrl The URL of the front-end system.
adminUrl The URL of the back-end system.
username The username of the administrator.
password The password of the administrator.
authUrl The URL for logging on the SaaS product without authentication.
info No JSON N/A The custom key-value pair.

Sample requests

Sample responses

"instanceId": "1",

"hostInfo": {
        "name": "linux server",
        "ip": "",
        "username": "root",

"appInfo": {
        "password": "admin_password"

"info": {
        "key1": "my custom info"