This topic describes the time format for data shipping to Object Storage Service (OSS). This topic also provides a list of common time zones for data shipping to OSS. These time zones are used to format time.

Time format

The time format for data shipping to OSS (new version) is {±hours}{minutes}, which represents the current offset from the time zone in hours and minutes.
  • Value range of hours: [-12,+14]
  • Valid values of minutes: 00, 30, and 45
  • Time range: [-1200,+1400]
Note Hours and minutes must be formatted as two-digit values.
You can specify Time Zone when you create a new shipping job. For more information, see Create an OSS shipping job (new version). Select a time zone

Common time zones

Offset Time zone name
+0800 China Standard Time
Hong Kong Time
Australian Western Time
Korea Standard Time
Malaysia Time
Philippile Time
Singapore Time
Central Indonesian Time
Ulaanbaatar Time
Choibalsan Time
+0900 Japan Standard Time
Ulaanbaatar Summer Time
+0930 Australian Central Standard Time
+1200 New Zealand Standard Time
+0530 India Standard Time
-0000 Greenwich Mean Time
Western European Time
-0400 Atlantic Standard Time
-0500 Eastern Standard Time
-0600 Central Standard Time
-0700 Mountain Standard Time
-0800 Pacific Standard Time