When a data shipping job of the new version is running to ship data to MaxCompute, the job must read data from a source Logstore. To meet the requirement, you can assign the default role AliyunLogDefaultRole to the data shipping job. This topic describes how to generate the default role.


To generate the AliyunLogDefaultRole role, you only need to use the current Alibaba Cloud account to authorize Log Service to access cloud resources. By default, the AliyunLogDefaultRole role has the permissions to read data from all Logstores that belong to the current Alibaba Cloud account.

  1. In the Ship Data to MaxCompute panel, set the Authorization of Log Service Read Permission parameter to Default Role.
  2. Click You must authorize the system role.
  3. On the Cloud Resource Access Authorization page, click Agree to Authorization.
After you configure the settings, a data shipping job of the new version can assume the AliyunLogDefaultRole role to read data from the source Logstore. Default role