This topic describes the fields in SQL audit logs collected from ApsaraDB RDS instances.

Log field Description
__topic__ The topic of a log. The value is fixed as rds_audit_log.
instance_id The ID of an RDS instance.
check_rows The number of scanned rows.
db The name of a database.
fail Indicates whether an SQL statement is successfully executed.
  • 0: successful
  • 1: failed
client_ip The IP address of a client that accesses an RDS instance.
latency The time required to return the results of an SQL statement. Unit: microseconds.
origin_time The point in time at which an SQL statement is executed.
return_rows The number of returned rows.
sql The SQL statement that is executed.
thread_id The ID of a thread.
user The username of a user who executes an SQL statement.
update_rows The number of updated rows.