This topic describes the fields of IoT Platform logs.

Log field Description
__topic__ The topic of a log. Valid value: iot_log.
bizCode The type of business.
code The status code of a request.
  • 200: indicates a successful request.
  • Other status codes indicate a failed request. For more information, see IoT Platform logs.
content The content of a log.
deviceName The name of the device that is connected to IoT Platform.
instanceId The ID of an instance.
messageId The ID of a message.
operation The operation that is performed by a device. Operations can be divided into the following types:
  • Firmware update:
    • OTAFirmwarePush: pushes notifications when a firmware update is initiated, confirmed, and released.
    • OTAVersionReport: reports the firmware version of a device.
    • OTAProgressReport: reports the update progress of a device.
  • Data parsing:
    • RawDataToProtocol: converts raw data to Alink-based data.
    • ProtocolToRawData: converts Alink-based data to raw data.
  • TSL data submission:
    • check: checks the TSL.
    • For more information about the method parameter in the message body, see What is a TSL model?.
  • Device behavior management:
    • online: connects a device to IoT Platform.
    • offline: disconnects a device from IoT Platform.
productKey The key of a product.

All products share a Logstore. The ProductKey field is used to identify products.

reason The error cause.
requestId The ID of a request.
status The result of a request.
  • true: indicates a successful request.
  • false: indicates a failed request.
utcTime The collection time. The time is in UTC.
traceId The trace ID of a request.
clientId The ID of the client reported to the device.
params The input parameters.
resultData The result of a request.