This topic describes the data pull errors that occur during data transformation and provides methods that you can use to troubleshoot these errors.

Error handling

For more information about how to troubleshoot data pull errors, see res_log_logstore_pull, res_rds_mysql, and res_oss_file.

Troubleshoot common errors

If you use only one resource function, data pull errors occur.
  • Sample transformation rules
    • res_log_logstore_pull(endpoint="",ak_id="xxx",
    • res_rds_mysql(address="xx",username="xx",password="xx",database="xx")
    • res_oss_file(endpoint='xx',ak_id="xx",ak_key="xx",bucket='xx', file='xx',format='xx',change_detect_interval=0)
  • Error log
    aliyun.log.logexception.LogException: {"errorCode": "InvalidEtlConfig", "errorMessage": "ETL config doesn't pass security check, detail: invalid type detected: <class '_ast.Expr'>", "requestId": ""}
  • Troubleshooting method

    The preceding error log indicates that the syntax of the specified function is invalid. This error log is returned because you use only the res_log_logstore_pull, res_rds_mysql, or res_oss_file function. You cannot use only one resource function.

  • Solution

    You must use a resource function together with another function, such as e_table_map or e_search_table_map. For more information, see Resource functions.