The homepage of the Log Service console consists of the following sections: Log Application, Import Data, Projects, Commonly Used Documents, Resource Reports, and Watchlist.

Log Application

Log Service provides the following types of applications:
  • Cloud Service Lens
  • Intelligent O&M
  • Audit & Security
  • Business Analysis
  • Partner Program
  • Social Welfare
  • Other
Log applications

For more information, see Log applications.

Import Data

Log Service supports the following types of data sources:
  • Cloud Products
  • Custom Code
  • On-premises Open Source/Commercial Software
  • Data Import
  • Monitoring Data
  • Simulated Data Import
  • Alert Ingestion
Import Data

For more information, see Data collection overview.


The Projects section displays the projects that are created. You can view, create, delete, and edit projects.


For more information, see Manage a project.

Commonly Used Documents

The Commonly Used Documents section provides links to the documents that are frequently viewed.

Commonly Used Documents

Resource Reports

The Resource Reports section displays the following metrics of all projects within the current Alibaba Cloud account on the previous day: write traffic, read traffic, and data transformation traffic. The Resource Reports section also displays the ratio of the traffic data for each metric on the previous day to the traffic data from two days before.

If you want to view resource details, you can click Details.
Note The data is updated on a daily basis.
Resource Reports


The Watchlist section displays the resources that you follow.

In this section, you can create a custom resource list in which you can find and access the frequently used resources in an efficient manner. The following procedure describes how to follow a Logstore.

  1. Log on to the Log Service console.
  2. In the Projects section, click the project that you want to view.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Log Storage > Logstores. On the Logstores tab, find the Logstore that you want to follow and click the attantion icon.
  4. In the Add to Watchlist dialog box, select a watchlist.
    • Add to Watchlist of Current Project

      If you select Add to Watchlist of Current Project, the Logstore is added to the watchlist of the current project. To view the Logstore that you follow, choose Log Storage > Watchlist. On the Watchlist tab, view the Logstore.

    • Add to Global Watchlist

      If you select Add to Global Watchlist, the Logstore is added to the global watchlist. To view the Logstore that you follow, go to the homepage of the Log Service console and view the Logstore in the Watchlist section.