This topic describes the regions that are supported by the data transformation feature.

You can use the data transformation feature in the following regions.

China (Hangzhou) China (Hong Kong)
China East 1 Finance Japan (Tokyo)
China (Shanghai) South Korea (Seoul)
China East 2 Finance Singapore (Singapore)
China (Qingdao) Australia (Sydney)
China (Beijing) Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
China North 2 Finance Indonesia (Jakarta)
China North 2 Ali Gov 1 Philippines (Manila)
China (Zhangjiakou) Thailand (Bangkok)
China (Hohhot) UAE (Dubai)
China (Ulanqab) US (Silicon Valley)
China (Shenzhen) Germany (Frankfurt)
China South 1 Finance US (Virginia)
China (Heyuan) India (Mumbai)
China (Guangzhou) UK (London)
China (Chengdu) N/A

You can go to the Project Overview page of a project in the Log Service console to view the endpoints for the region where the project resides. For more information about the Log Service endpoint for each region, see Endpoints.