This topic describes the fields of DCDN real-time logs.

Log field Description
unixtime The timestamp of a request.
domain The request domain name.
method The request method.
scheme The protocol over which a request is sent.
uri The resource that is requested.
uri_param The request parameter.
client_ip The real IP address of an end user. The value can be a public IP address or a LAN IP address.
proxy_ip The IP address of a proxy.
remote_ip The public IP address of the client that connects to a DCDN node.
remote_port The port to which a DCDN node sends requests over the Internet.
refer_protocol The protocol in the Referer HTTP header.
refer_domain The domain name in the Referer HTTP header.
refer_uri The URI in the Referer HTTP header.
refer_param The parameters in the Referer HTTP header.
request_size The size of a request that includes the request body and the request header.
request_time The response time. Unit: milliseconds.
response_size The size of a response. Unit: bytes.
return_code The HTTP status code that is returned.
sent_http_content_range The Content-Range header in an HTTP response. The value is specified by the origin server, for example, bytes=0-99/200.
server_addr The IP address of the DCDN node that responds to a request.
server_port The port on the DCDN node that responds to a request.
body_bytes_sent The size of a request body. Unit: bytes.
content_type The type of the requested resource.
hit_info The cache hit result. The cache hit results of requests for live streaming resources or dynamic content are not included. Valid values:
  • HIT: indicates a cache hit.
  • MISS: indicates a cache miss.
http_range The value of the Range field in a request header. Example: bytes=0-100.
user_agent The User-Agent HTTP header.
user_info The user information.
uuid The unique identifier of a request.
via_info The Via HTTP header.
xforwordfor The X-Forwarded-For (XFF) HTTP header.