A trace instance of Log Service is used to manage all collected trace data. You can query and analyze trace data, and view the details of trace data. You can also view service metrics. This topic describes how to create a trace instance in the Log Service console.


  1. Log on to the Log Service console.
  2. On the Intelligent O&M tab in the Log Application section, click Trace.
  3. Click Create Instance.
  4. In the Create Instance panel, set the parameters and click OK. The following table describes the parameters.
    NameThe name of the trace instance.
    DescriptionThe description of the trace instance.
    ProjectThe project that is used to store trace data.

    If no project is available, click Create Now to create a project. For more information, see Create a project.

    Instance IDThe ID of the trace instance.
    Role PermissionsAfter trace data is imported, Scheduled SQL jobs are generated in the Trace application to read data from the Logstores that store the trace data. The Scheduled SQL jobs are used to calculate and aggregate metric data. The Scheduled SQL jobs must assume the AliyunLogETLRole system role to read data. If the role is unavailable for the current account, you must complete authorization as prompted.

What to do next

Import trace data