This topic describes the fields of access logs in API Gateway.

Field Description
owner_id The ID of the Alibaba Cloud account to which an API belongs.
apiGroupUid The ID of the group to which the API belongs.
apiGroupName The name of the group to which the API belongs.
apiUid API ID
apiName The name of the API.
apiStageUid The environment ID of the API.
apiStageName The environment name of the API.
httpMethod The HTTP request method.
path The request path.
domain The domain name that is used for the API call.
statusCode The HTTP status code.
errorMessage The error message.
appId The application ID of the API caller.
appName The application name of the API caller.
clientIp The client IP address of the API caller.
exception The information about the returned error.
region The region.
requestHandleTime The request time. The value is in GMT.
requestId The request ID. The ID is globally unique.
requestSize The size of the request. Unit: bytes.
responseSize The size of the response. Unit: bytes.
serviceLatency The response latency of the backend service. Unit: milliseconds.
errorCode The error code. Example: X500ER.
requestProtocol The client request protocol, including HTTP, HTTPS, and WebSocket.
instanceId The ID of the gateway instance to which the API belongs.
initialRequestId The initial request ID that is recorded when the API is called by API Gateway. For example, when API 1 calls API 2, the log of API 2 records this field to indicate the request ID of API 1.
clientNonce The X-Ca-Nonce header in the client request.
requestQueryString The query string in the client request.
requestHeaders The header content in the client request.
requestBody The body content in the client request. The value contains up to 1,024 bytes.
responseHeaders The header content in the API response.
responseBody The body content in the API response. The value contains up to 1,024 bytes.
consumerAppKey The App Key of the API request.
totalLatency The total latency of the API request. Unit: milliseconds.
customTraceId The ID of the trace.
jwtClaims The claim that is parsed from a JSON Web Token (JWT) token. The claim can be configured in an API group.
plugin The plug-ins that are hit by the API request and the related contexts.