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Last Updated:May 19, 2022

Video device data is forwarded based on standard TSL models. To use standard TSL models, you must create products for video devices in IoT Platform.

Video devices indicate the devices that are used to collect, store, and play videos. IoT Platform instances of the video type support IP cameras.



  1. Log on to the IoT Platform console.


    The Alibaba Cloud account that logs on to IoT Platform must be the same as the account used to call API operations of IoT Platform. Otherwise, you cannot subscribe to cloud alert messages.

  2. On the Instance Overview page, click the instance name to go to the Instance Details page. For more information, see Manage instances.

  3. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Devices > Products. Click Create Product to create a product. For more information, see Create a product.

    When you create the product to which an IP camera device belongs, set Node Type to Directly Connected Device.International site-Create product-zh

  4. Add a camera-specific Thing Specification Language (TSL) model.

    1. On the Product Details page, click Define Feature. In the Default Module section, click Edit Draft. International site-edit draft-zh

    2. Download the camera-specific TSL model file.

    3. Click Import. In the Import TSL dialog box, click Import TSL. International site-import-zh

    4. Click Click Upload to upload the TSL model file obtained in Step ii.

    5. If the verification is successful, click OK.

    6. In the lower-left corner of the Edit Draft page, click Release online. Then, click OK. International site-Publish a TSL model-zh

What to do next

After you create the product, add a device to the product. For more information, see Add an IP camera device.