Link IoT Edge allows you to manage the devices that are connected to the gateway by using the edge API. For example, you can query devices, set device properties, and subscribe to device events.

The port number that provides external services for the edge API is 9999. All API operations support one-way HTTPS authentication.

Authentication mechanism

Edge API supports authentication based on cookies. To enable cookie authentication, you must call the CreateAuthCookie API operation to obtain the authentication cookie so that you can call other API operations. The CreateAuthCookie API operation uses the Basic schema for authentication. Developers must know the username and password of the gateway, and the user account must have the permissions to call the corresponding API operations.
Note The default username of the gateway is admin and the password is admin1234. You can log on to the gateway console to modify the username, password, and API access permissions. For information about how to access the gateway console, see Remote service access.

List of API operations by function