Image Search is a platform that uses deep learning and computer vision as its core technologies to retrieve similar images. Image Search allows you to extract image characteristics and build an image search engine for image searches. Image Search uses your image file as an input and returns a collection of similar images that are stored in an image gallery. Image Search is applicable to a wide range of scenarios, such as snap shopping, product recommendations, recommendations based on similar images, and copyright protection.


  • Product image search: This feature searches for images in a product image gallery and allows you to find products that are similar or identical to the product in your input image. You can also obtain the information about the products.
  • Generic image search: This feature searches for images in a large image gallery and allows you to find images that are similar or identical to your input image. The images contain the subjects or elements that are similar or identical to those in your input image.
Note The application scenarios vary based on the service type. You cannot change the service types after you create an image search instance. Therefore, we recommend that you use caution when you select the service type. If you have questions, email us at or leave a message in the DingTalk group. The DingTalk group ID is 35035130.


  • High accuracy: Offers industry-leading and high-accuracy search services based on large amounts of training data and constant improvements. The constant improvements are implemented to improve image search efficiency.
  • Fast response: Responds to queries in only a few milliseconds based on ultra-large-scale clustering and quantization-based indexing.
  • Large amounts of data: Scans tens of billions of images for each search based on the large-scale search engine.
  • API operations: Allows you to call API operations to add or delete images in real time.
  • High flexibility: Allows you to set a combination of search criteria to meet various business requirements. This ensures high efficiency and high flexibility.
  • High data security: Uses asymmetric encryption to protect your data that is stored in the cloud. You can implement access control based on user permissions.
  • Customization: Allows you to customize the features based on your business requirements.