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ICP Filing:ICP filing regulations for Tianjin

Last Updated:Sep 28, 2023

To improve the authenticity and accuracy of ICP filing, Tianjin Communications Administration strictly checks the accuracy of filing information, including the content descriptions of Internet information services. This topic lists the following notes.

  • Individual businesses: Individual businesses must be filed as enterprises. If you have registered an organization name for your business, enter the organization name on your Industrial and Commercial Business License. Otherwise, enter the legal representative name that is suffixed with (individual business). Example: Jack Zhang (individual business).

  • Individuals: The actual service name must be the same as the name in the ICP filing information. The service content cannot include information about enterprises and industries. Individuals cannot run e-commerce platforms.

  • If the ICP number has been issued for more than half a year, the service must be accessible.

  • The entity leader and the service administrator can not be the same person. The same mobile phone number cannot appear in different administrator information.